Artists in Residence


McColl Center for Visual Art's Artist-in-Residence and Affiliate Artist programs are dedicated to supporting artists regionally, nationally and internationally and promoting contemporary art. Fusing a regional character with a national and international perspective, the Center is a place where artists work, conduct research and where exhibitions introduce a broad public to a variety of contemporary art practices by artists from around the world. The Center's goal is to present art and artists in a way that engages and enriches the public while revealing the creative process through open studios, outreaches, community projects, exhibitions, and educational programs.

Q: What is the difference between an Artist-in-Residence and an Affiliate Artist?

A: There are several differences:

Artists-in-Residence (AIR) at the Center apply and are accepted from anywhere in the world - from Egypt to right here in Charlotte. Affiliate Artists however must be based within approximately 50 miles of Charlotte.

Artists-in-Residence receive a stipend, materials budget, travel expenses and housing* while at the Center. Affiliate Artists do not receive any of the above and pay a small monthly studio fee during their residencies.
*Local artists accepted to the Artist-in-Residence program do not receive travel or housing but do receive the stipend and materials budget.

The AIR and Affiliate Artist application deadlines are different, AIRs can submit application materials throughout the year and Affiliate Artists must submit by the first Monday in November.

And similarities:

Both AIRs and Affiliate Artists have 24-hour access to their studios and the fabulous facilities at the Center. And all Affiliates and AIRs work closely with the community and preform community outreaches. Both AIRs and Affiliates also exhibit their work in the Center galleries during their time in residence.

See the application forms for all eligibility details and selection criteria.