McColl Center for Visual Art is the leading center for the advancement of creative capacity for artists and the public.

McColl Center for Visual Art is located in Uptown Charlotte, a very short walk from the heart of the city. Charlotte is a growing, vibrant city coming into its own. A cultural campus is on the south end of Tryon, approximately 1 mile from the Center and includes the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, The Mint Museum, and the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture (formerly the Afro-American Cultural Center). As an urban artist-in-residence program, McColl Center for Visual Art actively participates in and contributes to the energy and vibrancy of the city. The community is welcome to visit the Center and artist/public interactions are encouraged. Goals of the Center include demystifying the creative process - which makes contemporary art more accessible and raises the perception of the value of artists to society. Through interaction with artists in their studios, the Center provides a portal from which the non-artist can gain insight into the creative process.

McColl Center for Visual Art is a well-equipped 30,000 square foot facility with nine artist studios (230-819 sq ft), and common use wood, blacksmith and sculpture, ceramic, darkroom, printmaking studios, and a media lab (click here for a list of available equipment). There is twenty-four hour access to the Center's facility, and staff support Monday through Friday during normal business hours. For Affiliate Artists (AA), there is a monthly utility/maintenance fee of $175. Stipend, materials budget, travel, and housing are not included. Artists-in-Residence receive a stipend ($3,300), materials budget ($2,000), travel allowance and housing (if outside of Charlotte). The Carolinas Healthcare Artist-in-Residence (CHC AIR) receives a stipend ($4,000), materials budget ($2,000), travel allowance and housing (if outside of Charlotte). In addition, there is a separate budget for materials for the CHC project. The Gail Peacock CMS Art Teacher-in Residence (ATIR) receives a materials budget ($2,000) and continues to receive their salary and benefits during their residency.

Residency sessions vary in length.

2 available sessions: fall (Sept-Nov) and winter (Jan-Mar) each approximately 11-12 weeks

Affiliate Artists:
2 available sessions: 11-months (April-March), summer (April- August) 4-5 months
Selected summer and 11-month Affiliate Artists will also be required to participate in the Center’s spring event, Studio Party . Artists will transform their studios into a themed event space of their own design (can include artists work) and then host their studio during Studio Party.

The residency program is open to emerging, mid-career and senior level. Artists may be formally trained or self-taught. Alumni may re-apply; however artists who have not yet participated in McColl Center for Visual Arts’ residency programs will be given priority. Students may apply, but may not be actively enrolled in classes during start of the residency period. Affiliate Artist residency programs are for artists living in Charlotte or within a 50 mile radius. The Artist-in-Residence program is open to local, regional, national and international artists.

Selections are made by program staff, or panels consisting of artists, artists-in-residence/affiliate artist alumni, curators, educators or other arts professionals, and/or CMS or Carolinas Healthcare staff. Artists are selected based on the quality of their work, written narrative and an interest in participating in a stimulating and creative environment.

The schedule for the selection panels is:
Affiliate Artist - Selection: March 2013. Notification: April 2013.
Artist-in-Residence - Artists notified 1 year prior to the start of the residency session.
Carolinas HealthCare Artist-in-Residence - Artists notified 1 year prior to the start of the residency session.
Gail Peacock Art Teacher-in-Residence - Selection October, 2013. Notification Winter 2013.

The Center owns a jeep, a van, and truck with flatbed and makes these available on a first-come, first-serve basis for Center related errands and outreaches, and use is restricted to artists participating in the Residency program.

McColl Center for Visual Art is an active and dynamic organization in Charlotte's cultural community. The Center is uniquely placed to provide an opportunity for artists to engage with a new and broader public. We believe that this can be a meaningful professional experience for the artist and a transforming experience for the public.

The Center is open to the public Thursday and Fridays from 3 to 9 PM and Saturdays from 11 AM to 6 PM. These times are great opportunities for the public to get to know you and they may have an interest in purchasing your artwork.

Both Affiliate Artists and Artists-in-Residence participate in 1-2 exhibitions during their residency sessions.

The Center is open and free to the public Thursday and Friday 3-9 pm and Saturday 11am to 6pm. During this time the Center welcomes the general public to view its exhibitions and visit artists' studios. The Center has an "Open Door" policy whereby the public is welcome to enter an artist's studio if their door is open. The Center encourages the artists to invite the public into their studio unless they are at a place in their work where they cannot be distracted. On average the Center attracts approximately 30 visitors per week and another 25 visitors on Open Studio Saturdays (see below). On some evenings, the Center may host a private reception for donors and/or sponsors. Artists are frequently invited (but not required) to attend these events and, if amenable, to have their studios open. In addition, an artist can expect an average of 3 education tours, individual tours and/or cultivation programs a week. These programs may or may not directly involve every artist.

During Open Studio Saturdays, artists are required to be in their studios and have their doors open. It is the most convenient opportunity for the public to meet the artists and learn about their work. Three to four Open Studio Saturdays are scheduled per residency period.

McColl Center for Visual Art's core values include a belief that artists add immeasurable value to community and can help shape community. The Center sees its outreach program as a way to extend its reach into the community thereby extending its mission and core values beyond the Center itself. Each artist-in-residence and affiliate artist may provide up to three artist/Center-developed outreaches. The type and scope of these outreaches are mutually designed and agreed upon by the artist and the Center's program staff. Typical outreaches consist of community projects, lectures, demonstrations, or other special programming. Community partners may include Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, UNC Charlotte, Carolinas Healthcare, Right Moves for Youth, Winthrop University, Davidson University, The Mint Museums, Urban Ministries, Hope Junction and The Light Factory.