Del Geist and Patricia Leighton are current UNCC Artists-in-Residence at McColl Center for Visual Art working in collaboration with CATS (Charlotte Area Transit System) and UNC Charlotte to create a monumental earthwork. The final product will be installed at the proposed UNC Charlotte Station as part of the LYNX Blue Line Extension. 

Taking inspiration from changes caused by both industrialization and nature, Leighton and Geist fuse elements of geology and construction in their work. A significant result of their site-specific sculptures is the availability of it, for it enables a wide public to engage with it. As their outreach, Geist and Leighton are working with a group of UNC Charlotte students a few days per week conducting research, experimentation, and nurturing each student’s individual artistic development.  The outreach is not limited to this handful of students, however, as the student body and larger community will also benefit from the installation. “Public art is specific to place, people and its context,” says Geist and Leighton, the UNC Charlotte Station, specifically, “provides exciting opportunities for integrated art at the station, earthworks and sculpture markers identifying the campus in a unique manner.”

>> Meet Patricia Leighton and Del Geist on Friday, January 27 from 6 to 9 PM during a free Opening Reception.

Image Credit:
The Sawtooth Ramps
Patricia Leighton

Pyramids Business Park, Bathgate Scotland
Commissioned by Motorola Inc.

*Correction: the Earthworks Evolve article published in the 2012 January e-newsletter sent on January 23, 2012 should have read: Current UNCC Artists-in-Residence are working with the UNC Charlotte community and the Charlotte Area Transit System to create a monumental earthwork at the UNC Charlotte Blue Line Extension Station.