As the world around us continues to face challenges, McColl Center for Visual Art takes an active role presenting contemporary art and the creative process as a road to open dialogue and innovative thinking. With Innovation being one of ten Spheres of Impact at McColl Center, the Innovation Institute is a program designed to extend our mission as a catalyst for change by growing creative capacity, both for individuals and organizations. 

The Innovation Institute’s three major offerings are:

All of the Innovation Institute's programs are build using similar framework and operate under the belief that creativity is not some mystical power that has been bestowed on the select few. Rather, it's a muscle that everyone has and a skill that anyone can strengthen and apply. Our framework consists of the following attributes: (1) artist-led, (2) expert facilitators, (3) arts-based curriculum, (4) hands-on experiences

Artists live and breathe the creative process every day. They offer windows through which to see the world differently. They approach pressing problems in original and inventive ways and provide opportunity for a breakthrough of stagnant thought. Our accomplished and professional artists are the experts at the Innovation Institute. And they are what distinguish us from other leadership or innovation programs.

The Innovation Institute provides a myriad of artist-led programs built to offer experiential programs for individuals, teams, groups, and organizations. The programs are not designed to make you an artist, but rather to instill the critical and innovative thinking that artists apply throughout their creative process. This experiential process of artist-led learning results in behaviors that challenge, connect, and stimulate change in yourself and the people you lead.

Coupled with world-class organizational development experts and coaches, the Innovation Institute maximizes desired outcomes and their sustained application. 

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